Limitless Minion

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Minion Avoidance Minion Avoidance was a game created for one our clients in 2015. In this game you select a minion and collect as many bananas while avoiding the obstacles. More bananas unlocks more characters. This game is extremely addicting and hard to put down! Check It Out Here! [...]

Compton Crush


Project Brief Given the success of the NWA- Straight Outta Compton movie in 2015, Compton Crush was born. Characters, icons and music all inspired by the NWA Music group. Making it a popular hit in the app store with 10,000 + downloads and counting! The Outcome Our client was looking [...]



Adesso Accessories sells extremely high-quality fashion accessories for men. Ranging from Neckwear, Cufflinks, Lapel Pins, Leather Goods and much, MUCH more! This modern E-commerce platform displays some of the most cutting edge design and functionality. You can create your own clothing bundles by dragging and dropping items to see how they would match. Ever [...]

Obstacle Illusion

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Obstacle Illusion is a tricky puzzle game that tests your hand-eye co-ordination. This brain-teaser makes you move circle game piece on a 3x3 board. You need to avoid all the obstacles coming your way while an optical illusion background tries to throw you off. Great brain teaser to test your skills in!


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Welcome to Seeker, the first location based mobile dating application for South Asians and Indians. Compatible with ALL Android devices, Seeker gives you an abundance of matches to choose from in your area. With a Like/Pass feature, Seeker immediately notifies you of your matches and allows you to chat instantly. The primary feature of Seeker [...]