Project Description

Project Brief

Given the success of the NWA- Straight Outta Compton movie in 2015, Compton Crush was born. Characters, icons and music all inspired by the NWA Music group. Making it a popular hit in the app store with 10,000 + downloads and counting!

The Outcome

Our client was looking to create a game on a very low budget. Not only did we accommodate their budget but we performed ASO (App Store Optimization) on their listing. By selecting high ranking keywords and optimizing the listing we were able to get the app noticed and reach THOUSANDS! Check It out!

The Skills Needed To Produce Brand Excellence

Graphic Design

Our graphic designers created and put together all artistic assets.

Java Programming

The game was coded in Java, the Android programming language!

Integrate In-Game Ads

When you have thousands of users, you want to monetize your app. One way we do this for our customers is through mobile ads. Let us integrate ads into your apps and help you create revenue today!

ASO Strategy

Understanding ASO techniques and getting your app noticed. No more spending countless hours producting apps, only to have them hidden and forgotten about in weeks!